Trade Secrets

Oftentimes, a client’s intellectual property portfolio will include information that should remain undisclosed for competitive reasons. This information, called trade secrets, runs counter to the ideals behind the U.S. patent system, namely, rewarding inventors for disclosing such information. However, trade secrets remain an important part of many clients’ protectable assets. Misappropriation of trade secrets often occurs when employees leave a company or when founding members of a company start an independent business venture and take trade secrets with them in order to gain an advantage.

Our trade secret attorneys can assist with development and placement of procedures to assist in protecting trade secrets before a misappropriation occurs. We can further assist with helping to remedy any misappropriation that may have already occurred, such as by filing a misappropriation of trade secrets claim and other related claims such as tortious interference or unfair and deceptive trade practices in Florida state court.