Eugene J. Molinelli, Ph.D.

Partner - Registered Patent Attorney

Eugene Molinelli’s areas of expertise include signal and image processing, including nucleic acid sequencing data processing, medical imaging, sensors, transducers, semiconductor fabrication, applied physics, medical devices, oceanography, applied mathematics, computer networking and computer software. He has experience writing appeal briefs and conducting oral arguments before the U.S. Board of Patent Appeals. He also has been invited to several universities to deliver a session on intellectual property (IP) protection as it relates to inventorship and computer software, IP being the focus of his J.D. (with high honors) from George Mason University School of Law. Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Dr. Molinelli earned a Ph.D. in physical oceanography at Columbia University, participating in fieldwork to Antarctica and above the Arctic Circle. As an oceanographer, he specialized in statistical modeling through computer programming, involving the design of hierarchical databases and sophisticated data, signal, and image processing algorithms. His work won several federal Small Business Innovation Research grants and contributed to his company’s selection for Virginia’s Technology Trailblazer Award.

Practice Area


  • Technical Publications (Selected from over 50 reports and publications)

    • Molinelli, E., J. Walrod, and J. Murphy. “A Vertical Wire with MEMS Conductivity/Temperature/ Pressure Sensors as a Distributed Micro/Mini Sensor System to Perform Tactical Oceanographic Monitoring in Littoral Areas.” Technical Report for the Advanced Research Projects Agency, Marine Systems Technology Office, Planning Systems, McLean, VA, August 1995.
    • Molinelli, E., M. Kennelly, G. Muncill, and D. Ondercin. “Statistical Modeling of Bioluminescence Vertical Structure in the Summer North Atlantic,” Technical Report for The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Planning Systems, McLean, VA, October 1993.
    • Molinelli, E., G. Muncill, and C. Harpel. “Feasibility of Using Neural Networks in a System to Estimate Upwelling Features.” Final Report for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Planning Systems, McLean, VA, December 1992.
    • Molinelli, E., G. Muncill, and K. Pepe. “Progress with Neural Network Gulf Streams.” Proceedings of the Automated Interpretation of Oceanographic Satellite Imagery Workshop, ed. M. Lybanon, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, MS, February 1991.
    • Molinelli, E., M. Kennelly, and K. Bush. “Exuma Sound Ocean Current Analysis.” Technical Report for U.S. Navy, David Taylor Research Center Planning Systems, McLean, VA, January 1990.
    • Teague, W., M. Carron, and E. Molinelli. “A New System for Management of the ‘Master Oceanographic Observation Data Set’ (MOODS).” EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 68, no. 22 (2 June 1987): 553, 558–9.
    • Gordon, A., and E. Molinelli. Southern Ocean Atlas: Thermohaline and Chemical Distributions. New York: Columbia University Press, 1982.
    • Molinelli, E. “The Antarctic Influence on Antarctic Intermediate Water.” Journal of Marine Research 39 (1981): 267–93.
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    • Gordon, A., E. Molinelli, and T. Baker. “Large-Scale Relative Dynamic Topography of the Southern Ocean.” Journal of Geophysical Research 83, no. C6 (1978): 3023–32.
  • Recent Speaking Engagements

    • “The Revised USPTO Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance: What You Should Know.” Presentation of live webinar hosted by continuing legal education provider, The Knowledge Group, Online, March 10, 2020.
    • “A software Decision Tree: What IP options to use when presented with an invention disclosure involving novel software.” Presentation at Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Annual Meeting, Phoenix Arizona, February 21 2018.
    • “A software Decision Tree: What IP options to use when presented with an invention disclosure involving novel software.” Presentation at Licensing Executives Society (LES) Annual Meeting, Chicago Illinois, October 23 2017.
    • “Software Protection Options and Open Source.” Presentation at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Seminar, New York, NY, 2004.
    • “Invention and Inventorship.” Presentation at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Technology Transfer Seminar, Laurel, MD, November 1999.