Michael W. Taylor

Counsel – Registered Patent Attorney

Michael W. Taylor brings 25 years of experience as a registered patent attorney, focusing his practice on Intellectual Property Law. With a 10-year background in Aerospace Engineering, Michael concentrates on securing Domestic and International patent protection for electrical, mechanical and computer related inventions. He also provides services directed to patentability, infringement, and freedom to operate opinions, participating in invention mining sessions, and providing patent portfolio management for clients.

Specific Areas of Patent Preparation and/or Prosecution Experience

Computer hardware, software, cloud computing, desktop virtualization and software as a service (SaaS) applications; space and airborne systems including laser, radar and communication systems; pallet manufacturing, inspection and sorting equipment; wireless and video technologies for mobile devices; electronic (digital and analog) circuits; semiconductor devices and photolithography processing; solar distillation systems; patient-specific radiation therapy devices; image capture systems for theme park guests; and oil well testing and directional drilling.